Resin Pouring Making Beautiful Coasters

Hello my crafty friends! Last night I made these awesome resin coasters. I must say that I love the way they came out. Colors that I pick were vibrant, and had this beautiful shimmery look to them. Also this wonderful glitter I used. I was so happy the way they came out today. I’ll list the products I used down below.

Here there still in the molds. It takes about 24 hour to set and 48 hour to harden completely. Once completely harden you can pull them out of there molds.

My first color I used is called Mermaid by Color Joy, 2nd color is Teal by Let’s Resin a Chameleon Powder, mixology glitter sky blue opal also by Let’s Resin and last one I use is by Black Diamond called white diamond effect. By Annalicia Spannaus

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