Acrylic Pouring Paint On Canvas

Hello my crafty friends! Today I’m sharing a acrylic pour I did a few weeks ago. I’m so loving the way this one came out.

As you know when you do a acrylic pouring each piece is different. Sometimes you can see a lot cells and sometimes only a few. I also notices sometime I don’t always see one or two colors I pour. But now I’m pretty sure I got the hang of it. Just pour a little bit of each color repeatedly in your cup.

I think the most important thing is to just have fun with your crafty projects. For me I always make a big mess and I always have fun doing it. Hope you guys like my crafty project.

Hope you guys like it. Please let me know what you think about it and thank you for checking out my blog. Have a great day everyone. by Annalicia Spannaus

Acrylic Pouring Handmade Cards

Hello my crafty friends! Today I’m posting the second set of cards I did with acrylic paints. The colors I chosen here are beautiful. I tend to like the blues a lot. Any way hope you like them, like always please let me know what you think. I’ll list products used down below.

Abeier premixed read to pour acrylic paints Titanium white, navy blue and turquoise.
Simon Says Stamp! Steel Dies are Painted Thanks SSSD111456, Painted Friend SSSD111575, Delightful SSSD111626 and Thankful SSSD111625

Also used Tim Holtz idea-ology Kraft- Stock Metallic Jewels, 110 white card stock and Memory Box warped stitch rectangles die style 30094. Also shimmer blue, white stretch cord. And Color Pour Glossy varnish.

Thank you for checking out my blog. Have a great day. by Annalicia Spannaus

Acrylic Pouring On Water Color Paper

Hello my crafty friends! A couple days ago I was thinking if I can do this Dutch, Swipe Acrylic pouring on canvas. I can try to do it on water color paper and see how it comes out. It was amazing, So I decided to make cards out of them. I was impressed and I fell in love the way they look. Each cards look different, yet beautiful. I can’t wait to do more now. And I want to used different Brands of Acrylic paints now. Hope you love them like I do. And please let me what you thing or if you like them. I’ll list all the products I used down bellow.

Here’s the first set…..

Other products I used are Simon Says Stamp! Steel Dies: Delightful #SSSD111626 and Thankful #SSSD111625. Cheery Lynn Dies: Dream Big and Thinking of. Also Memory Box Inc. : Wrapped Stiich Rectangles die Style 30094. Carson Watercolor XL Cold Press 140lb. White cards stock 110 and Cousin Stretch Cord.

I’ll post the second set I did tomorrow so stay tune and if you like them please let me know. Have a great day everyone. by Annalicia Spannaus

Acrylic Pouring On Canvas (with my grandson, his first….)

Hello my crafty friends. My grandson Landon ask if we could do acrylic pouring today. I smile, said yes this do it. So he pick his colors and we mix everything together. And this is what he came up with. If you like it please give us a like. I’ll list all products down below.

Colors he pick are Artists Loft ready mixed pouring paint Turquoise, Aqua green, Violet, Metallic white. He also pick a white, black acrylic paint mix’s them with Flood and little water. He put two drops of Color Pour Cell Magic in each colors.
Once all color were done he stated pouring each color in one cup.
He painted his canvas black then put his cup on top.
Landon was so excited to see the colors coming out of the cup.
Landon lift his cup up and saw all those beautiful colors come to life.
One happy little guys……
I love watching his little face just light up.

Thank you for checking out my blog. And have a wonderful day. by Annalicia Spannaus

USA Acrylic Pouring On Canvas

Hello my crafty friends! Today I decided to do a USA Flag on canvas. So I pick my three colors which was so easy Red, White and Blue. And just pour on to my canvas. Loving the way it came out. I’ll list all products used down below. Hope you guys like it.

Acrylic paints are Folk Art True Blue, Apple Barrel Red Apple and Artists Loft flow acrylic white.
Mixed colors with Flood, water and add silicone to the white and red.
Pour all colors on canvas then swipe down with a scraper.
Heat it with my king torch to create more cells.
Beautiful cells!!
Once dry I’ll seal it. Can’t wait to see it after completely finished.

Thank you for checking out my blog. Have a great day. by Annalicia Spannaus


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