Happy St. Patrick’s Day Cards

Hello my crafty friends! Last weekend I made these cute cards for my crafty friends. I meet with them once a month. We eat good food, laugh and we get creative. So here’s a few of the cards I created for them. Hope you like them….

My gold!!
My Irish beer!!
Luck me!!
Kiss your St.!!

Please let me know what you think or like. Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

Simplycraftydesigns.com By Annalicia Spannaus

Girl Gnome Birthday Card

Hello crafty friends! I made this cute A2 Birthday card for a friend of mine out of the Girl Gnome dies set. Products I uses is by Jaded Blossm. I have fell in love with their Gnome dies and add on dies. They are so cute and you can get so creative with all theses dies. I’ll list everything I used down below.

Happy Birthday Gnome Card

Thank you for checking out my blog. Let me know what you think and have a wonderful day.

Simplycraftydesigns.com by Annalicia Spannaus

Snow day!!

Hello my crafty friends!! Today is another snow day. With all the snow we’re getting I decided to cut out a bunch of Gnomes. I meet with my crafty friends this weekend, so I thought I could put them together then and make my cards. Check back to see how they come out…..

She cute!!
My pot of gold!!

Or should I make it snow………..

Have a wonderful day! No matter how your weather is today. Simplycraftydesigns.com by Annalicia Spannaus

Happy St. Patrick Day Card

Hello my crafty friends! With all the snow we been getting for the past week, I thought today was a good day to get creative. So I have some new products I just received in the mail. By Jaded Blossom products a variety of Gnomes. I’ll post a picture of all the dies I purchased from them down below. The Gnome card I did today is a pop up card. And I really love the way it came out. I can’t wait to make more Gnomes with Jaded Blossom dies.

Too Cute!!
Jaded Blossom Gnomes die are: Gnome Dies boys, ST Patrick Day add ones and Gnome dies Leg add ons. The card stock, Grass border die and 19 pieces saint Patrick words I purchased form Amazon.
So here is all of the Gnomes I purchased and you can see I also have easter, 4th of July, build a booth, happy birthday and tree stump dies too. Also the girls gnomes dies. Thank you for checking out my blog. Have a wonderful day.

Simplycraftydesigns.com by Annalicia Spannaus


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