Resin Coaster Finished!

Hello my crafty friends! I just took them out of there molds. And I like the way they came out. Plus I love the look of the waves are crashing like the ocean. Colors I pick are beautiful and stunning. I’m so happy they came out perfect. Now I’m going to do some around, Square and Geo Coasters like the ocean waves again. Here’s some pictures of my ocean wave coasters.

Ocean Waves Coaster’s

I’m looking forward on making more. Thank you guy for checking out my blog. Please leave a like or message on what you thing. Have a wonderful day. by Annalicia Spannaus

Resin Coasters (Ocean Waves)

Hello my crafty friend’s! Hope everyone is have a great Tuesday. Today I decided to make some resin coasters and make them look like the ocean water. Keep in mine I just pour these right now. And they needed 24 hours to set. I’ll list all products down below.

The resin is still moving around and will continue for a few more hours.
I always have a extra mold standing by in cases I have extra. And you can see I did today.
I really love the way theses colors shine. I cant wait until they harden. I will post tomorrow what they look like. Thank you for checking out my little blog. I like to keep thing simply and right to the point. Again Thank you. Have a wonderful day. by Annalicia Spannaus

Geode Coaster With Art Resin

Hello my crafty friends! I just wanted to share some Geode Coaster I made for a dear friend. The Resin products I used for this is called Art Resin. I love using this product because it has a 60 minute before it starts to harden. That gives me plenty of time to get creative with my colors.

This is the top of the Geode Coasters.
This is the bottom look of the Geode Coasters. You can use either side of the Geode Coasters. I love the cloudy look.

I always like to pick my color I use before I even get started. The products I used here are: “Color Joy” Black Pearl, Gunmetal Mica Pigment and White matte by the same company. I first pour my clear Art Resin that I mix for 3 minutes into my Geode moulds. Then I sprinkle in Let’s Resin glitter powder silver. Then mix my colors and just started pouring. by Annalicia Spannaus


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