Alcohol inks (piñata colors)

Hello my crafty friends! Today I decided to work with Piñata alcohol inks. I’m always a fan of Tim Holtz alcohol inks. I believe I have everyone of his colors. They are beautiful, vibrant and gorgeous. But today I wanted to work with different colors. So I pick this brand. I’m so happy the way these four pieces came out. I’ll list everything I used down bellow.

On this top one and bottom one I used piñata Alcohol inks Baja blue, Blanco and rich gold.
Here I just used Baja blue and rich gold with Tim Holtz alcohol blending solution.
This one I used Blanco, rich gold, Baja blue, passion purple and Tim Holtz alcohol blending solution. With my air Compressor.

Hope you like them. Have a bless day.

By Annalicia Spannaus

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