You can Imagine it! You can Build it! 

Hello my friends! Today, I was thinking how much I love tree houses.  When I was growing up, my four brothers were always building some kind of tree house. I remember one tree house they built, it was based off of the Star Track Enterprise which included Captain Kirk’s chair and a big window looking out to the stars. Our father work for a Lumber Company, so they always had wood to build with. So, I decided today to build a tree house. ‘You can Imagine it! You can Build It!’

I used Lindy’s Sprays Merry-go-round green, T-bird Turquoise, and Yellow Rose of Texas with white acrylic paint. All three are my favorite colors and I love the way they blend together. 

On this side I used Martha Stewart’s Ocean stencil with Finnabair white crackle Paste, sea shells, cheese cloth, Prima roses, and pearls.

On the backside I used white string, a wooden picket fence, cheese cloth, and white pearls.

On this sided I decided to use sea shells on the roof with Prima roses, and pearls. 

To finished it up, I used Finnabair Opal Magical Wax in Vintage Silk and White Gold. Thank you for checking out my blog. 😊

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